If a story is rewritten by another writer, who wrote it? If a painting is repainted by another painter, who is the artist? If your school report is submitted by another student, who gets the credit? How far does originality travel?

Sometimes I wonder how I would react if I was an artiste and someone else made a cover to my song, that would be nice right? But how would I react if the public says they prefer the cover to my original song? I think I would find that very insulting, when I hear people say that to musicians, I find it very rude. But there's the human thing called "preference" and nobody can be forced to like what they don't like, so if they prefer the cover of a song to the original, where those the idea of originality exist?

The concept of authenticity and originality is of the mind and in oneself, like Hamlet said "To thine ownself be true" This writer thinks the only way a song retains it's originality after countless covers have been made is through the artiste. Recognising that people may forget that you're the genius behind its very existence, and being okay with it because despite how much originality is talked about, it doesn't exist in society. Remembering that you're the storyteller is the only way to retain your art's true form.

 In each piece of writing the first chapters are the most important because if that line failed to exist, the entire book or article wouldn't exist either. If your song doesn't exist, the cover wouldn't exist. You're the artist, they're just really good painters.

Written By @tryrachel for Dreytunes